Prognosis and balancing

Who, what, when, how, where?

We support you professionally in the drawing up of your demand planning as a basis for a specific and optimised procurement.

Furthermore, we clarify the question of the approach.

Do you want your own accounting grid, pooling of accounting grids or rather cooperation or the completely independent system? There are countless possibilities. In the end, the amounts of energy bought in the procurement have to match the actual consumption rates ¼-h exactly.

However, there are no hard and fast rules about which solution constitutes the most ideal one in each special case of application.

Therefore, we also use the known and established method here. To begin with, the given inital situation is analysed and assesed with regard to alternatives. Following this, we discuss the insights gained with our clients, find the most ideal individual solution and implement that one on behalf and on account of our clients.