In times of a lack of specialists the loss of experienced employees due to age or healthproblems presents a challenge to the business or to its share­holders. Especially in areas which are affected by demographic change these challenges are not easy to handle.

Here our specialists in the power-producing industry are able to temporarily compensate these losses of staff. In doing so, it is immaterial at which business level our customers require staff. We are also at our customers disposal as a kind of firebrigade, which assumes the disagreeable task of restructuring or closing down and liquidating single business areas.

Furthermore, our specialists can be employed to support teams within the framework of projects if the capacities in the company are not sufficient. The same applies to special topics for which the company does not have to hold capacities available on a continuing basis.

In different phases of the development of a company, as well as during problems and tasks in which expert knowledge is required for more than a few consulting days or when the existing management is not able or not willing to handle the upcoming task , interim-management represents the best addition to the management of the company.  Especially in the area of transitional periods in business, in business successions, during the buying and selling of parts of the business or of the whole company, the interim-management provides necessary support to the management.